Wednesday, 6 December 2017

New Novel Study, Grade 9.

This year in grade 9 we started a new novel study.
But unlike last year in grade 8, we read "The house of scorpion" as a class. but this year each of us is reading something that we chose, they are different from one another.

I am reading the boy in the striped pajamas. It is a book by John Boyne. I heard of it last year form others, and it was apparently a good book. So I wanted to see why.
I read the blurb. It explained that if they talked about the book it would spoil it. so that made me want to read it and see what it is about.  Even the title makes it sound interesting to read.  I want to read the book to find why it has the Boy In The stripped pajamas as the title. I'm expecting the book to like an adventure of a boys life. the things he goes through and somehow it involves the striped pajamas. I excited to go through what Bruno ( the main character) went through, to go on a journey with him.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Matt and Vincent Comparison. Blog post #6

Recently in class, we have just finished watching a film called "Gattaca." It was made in 1997. There are many similarities between the novel we just finished, "The House of the Scorpion", and the movie. The main characters both have very similar thoughts, and they are both the protagonist. Some of the things they have in common are: they both have been picked on, they were both told that they couldn’t do something when they got older, and they both had life-changing experiences.

Both Matt and Vincent had been picked on a lot, they where told you can't do this. An example of this is, Matt was told you’re ugly, you're an animal, just because he was a clone. But if you think about it there is no difference between a human and a clone, other than you were born differently. If you were to look at a clone and a human side by side you can't tell which one is which because there is NO difference.

Vincent was told he couldn't do a lot of things because of one flaw he had. He had a heart problem and people kept saying he was limited in what he could do. Vincent thought it became worse when he got a younger brother, Anton. Vincent didn’t like his brother because Anton was always better than him. People would always compare him to his brother and think “wow Anton is really good.” Vincent got tired of that. One day when he and his brother went for a swim, he ended up having to carry Anton back to shore. That day, Vincent left the house because he knew then and there he could do anything, even with his heart problem. He ended up working many jobs and the last job he worked he got to go in a rocket ship and went on a year round trip to Titan.

Matt's story was similar in that he ended up leaving home but not by choice. He was being hunted by the farm patrol and all the bodyguards because everyone wanted him dead. He escaped Opium and managed to cross the border to Aztlan. By the end of the book, Matt was the leader of Opium. In order for him to get there, he had a lot of ups and downs. But he had help from a couple of his close friends.

They also had life-changing experiences. Matt started his life in a tiny house in the middle of poppy fields. At 6 years old, he was taken to a prison for 6 months. He started with a bed, was moved to the floor, and ended up sleeping on chicken litter. He then moved on to living in the Big house with Celia and El Patron, then in a shrimp factory (he still smells like shrimp). Sadly by the end of the book, it didn't include where he was living. Vincent right now is living in a rocket ship for a year round trip.

So it seems like, between the movie and the novel both protagonists had similar stories of struggle: they were told they could not achieve many things but they proved those people wrong, overcame a lot of difficulties and both main characters had a successful ending.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Farm Patrol. Real Life Situation. Pos #5

The House of Scorpion farm patrol but in a real life situation. . They patrol the opium fields and the trees. If there is someone who isn't supposed to be there because they tried to cross the border illegally, they will take that person or people and they will bring them back to their headquarters.

I found a news article that talks about 19 asylum seekers, children included with adults, crosses the American border during a winter storm. There will be a link at the bottom of this post to the article.

2 of these 19 people tried getting over the border at 8:30 pm on Tuesday. Then the rest of them the 17 other people walked over the border Wednesday morning at 7:30 am. In some ways, in the book, it relates to Celia, because when she was brought over to the border by a coyote. But once she was brought over the border she was ditched by the coyote. She and some other workers were just left there to starve and die. Some of the other people with Celia ended up dying from falling off a cliff.With Celia's situation, she was lucky they were found by the farm petrol. El Patron was in charge, and he was willing to give her a job as a cook at the big house. Most of the other people who were with her were turned into eejits. Celia talk's about her story on how she ended up working for El Patron (p. 140-243).  I think all those people, the 19 of them who made it across will eventually get caught or some will die because they don't know what to do next, or get cold because they have no home and it is winter out. In the article, it said, "One of the asylum seekers had a broken arm". They don't know how many other injuries there could be, or if there are any deaths, especially because they have children with them and no home. Hopefully, they will be found by people who want to help them, and those people would help them like Celia was helped. They will give them a job and maybe a home to live in.

I think the reason why Celia turned to the coyote is because she was at a point where she had no idea what to do. She needed help getting somewhere she didn't know how to get there, so she went to the coyote for help. I think the reason why Matt and Celia risked their life was because they didn't have any other option other than being turned into an eejit for Celia, and for Matt, his organs would be harvested for transplants. Either way, they would have both died. Another reason why I think they did that was because they didn't really know what else to do, so they did what they thought was right. If you think about it Matt has had an adventure climbing mountains(p. 251), working in different places(p. 262), doing different jobs(279), and making friends(p. 266). Matt has lived a pretty good life, he has had some ups and downs. Thank you for listening, I hope you enjoyed it.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

What Worldview Elements in The House of Scorpion Post #4

There are many  worldview elements that most influenced Matt. I will begin listing what all 7 of the worldview element are. 
1. View of a good life. 
2. Sources of ethical wisdom. 
3. View of human nature. 
4. Equality with others. 
5. Responsibilities to others. 
6. Relationship Between the Individual and the Group. 
7. Relationship of humans with nature.

I think the worldview elements that influences Matt are, Equality with others because of the meaning of equality with others, which is " Are all people equal or do some people deserve special privileges?" This influences Matt because he is a clone and in this society. Clones are treated differently  People treat him like an animal and they always refer to him as one. An example of this is when Rosa made Matt sleep on sawdust when he was in the prison. He as turned into a very smart and intelligent kid. He is smarter than other clones.

He works hard to make it so people will like him MORE than just an animal. Even if he can't make many friends he still has a couple close friends: Mariá, Tam Lin, Celia, and of corse El Patrón. Most recently in the book (p. 264) Matt has a few new friend: Chacho, and Fidelito. Matt wants to be treated the same way as anyone else. He doesn't want to end up like that clone he saw on the hospital table, and he doesn't want his mind to break down into pieces. 

When Tam lin helped him escape (p. 242). Matt made it across the border, he all most got caught by the farm patrol but he was able to get away. It's like he was given a whole new second chance. No one there knew he was a clone so they treated him like a human being. 

Matt was taught a lot of things back at the big house, manners, music etc... But when he used all these manners around the other people in Aztlan they were amazed they haven't seen somebody like that in a while. Matt liked the attention, he liked that no one knew that he was a clone. He likes how they treated him. They treated him as if he was one of them.

I  think sources of ethical wisdom fits into Matt as well because when he was younger he didn't really know the difference between right and wrong. When Matt was around 6-9 years old, he found out that he was a clone. That sent him to a whole new world of right and wrong. As he got older he was being taught by an (eejit) teacher. Then just a little bit by Tam Lin but since Tam Lin didn't a lot either he could only teach him about the outdoors and the wild. He ended up learning more about what is right and wrong over the past few years when he was at the big house. 

He has a better understanding of where right and wrong can come from. For example: Tom, he is evil that is just the way Tom's character is in this book he has done a lot of wrong things( pinned a frog to the grass, shot peas at Matt, put furball in the toilet etc..), Maria she is nice, she does good things( fed matt at the beginning when he was in the cell, tried to help Matt escape, she hang out with Matt, she was his friend etc..) her character is a fun, helpful/ cheerful person. That is all I am going to talk about today. I don't want to spoil it! 

Monday, 27 February 2017

The roles of Mothers/ Fathers and Caregivers. Blog post #3

The role of mothers/fathers and caregivers are important in a child's life. In roles/jobs are. Let's start off with if you are a mother or a father, you have to show you care for your child’s physical and emotional needs. In The House of Scorpion novel, different people play a role in raising Matt. Celia acts like a mother figure she says "I love you" (p. 143, 6). She says that to Matt. Even though Celia isn't his mother, she is Matts caregiver. Near the beginning (p. 5-10), Matt tries to keep Celia from going to work, but she says she will bring back Matt a present so Matt lets her leave. Matt is a clone so Celia doesn't want Matt leaving the house because someone might hurt him or take him. Celia nailed all the windows closed and the doors were locked to make sure he doesn't get out, he is only 6. So he doesn't really understand.
A parent or caregiver also has to make sure there child is fed. Celia does a good job of that because she will either bring home food and then heat it up for leftovers, or she will make something delicious for Matt and herself.

 A really important part of being a parent is you have to make sure they are safe. On ( p.47) Celia finally finds Matt, he has been kept as a prisoner for 6 months, he lived in sawdust like and animal. When Celia and Maria found Matt, they saw him through a window that had bars across it, the first thing Celia said when she saw him was “Mijo! Mi Hijo!” ( p.47)That means, Son! My son! in Spanish. El Patrón has a major part in this because he is Matts maker, and as soon as El Patrón heard Matt was in there, he demanded to see him. But El Patrón's reaction was a bit different. The first thing El Patrón said was "Come closer boy," (p. 54). Part of Celia's job is to tell Matt something really important some day, and since Matt was loaned to her, or she adopted him, Matt would have to meet his real parents, in this case, his maker. Matt would have to meet him sooner or later. I guess it was sooner because he met him (P. 54)  El Patrón is very powerful he was the one who got Matt out of the prison. That was when Matt finally met El Patrón. Celia and El Patron both see him in different ways, Celia sees him as her own child. She loves matt. But El Patron sees him as one of his great creations. He always makes sure he is safe and healthy because he wants to use him for transplants in the future.

This next responsibility is kind of tricky... You have to keep track of where they are and where they go. It is really tricky when they are really young, maybe ranging from 2-6 because they like to wander. In the book, Celia failed at this once or twice. On (p. 161), Matt and Maria went off and they went into this hiding place and they see on a video camera of Celia and Tam Lin looking for them.

When Matt was alone at his old house, he broke a window and jumped out but got a lot of cuts and blood bleeding everywhere, so the kids that were there they brought him back to the house, They got most of the glass out, but then they put him in prison, he was there for 6 months. Celia had no clue where he was. This was on (p. 27-49). He was kept in that prison all through those pages. Adding on to that, as a parent or a caregiver you have to make sure you have a safe house and if it is really big you might want security. Considering how powerful El Patrón is, he has cameras everywhere in that big house just so he knows where people are. El Patrón also has a security team that follow him wherever he goes, Matt even had one for a couple of weeks and his name was Tam Lin. They became good friends. Tam Lin was Matt's bodyguard. From ( p. 63- 147) Matt had Tam Lin to play with, talk to and protect him. ( p. 63- 147)

Thursday, 23 February 2017

House of scorpion thoughts. #2

So far in the House of The Scorpion, a lot has happened. I think it is pretty interesting and I am going to tell you my thoughts about it so far.
Matt is the protagonist. He is a clone, he lives with Celia, but she is not his mom just a guardian.
When Matt was brought to the big house because he had broken the window in his house just before he had and jumped out and got a lot of cuts  and glass in his foot, he was bleeding, but when they brought him there they cleaned him up a little bit but once they realised he was a clone they stopped and put into a person they treated him like an animal, which I think was the wrong of them to do because even though clones are not animals, they are like humans, well that is what I think. What they did wasn't handled very well because they went from giving Matt a bed then just the ground with a couple newspapers. They went to treating him like an animal, they put lots of sawdust in his prison. He lived there for 6 months like an animal, it would be pretty scary to be there for 6 months if your only 6 years old.  Since Matt is a clone he had to be created by someone. He was created by El patrón. The way you make clones is pretty neat because you take a piece of skin and grow it into embryos. You might ask " where do you go from there?" well you put the embryos into a... Cow.. Putting them into a cow was not the first thing I thought of, but if you think about it what else would you put an embryo into? The only way Matt got out of the prison was because of El patrón because he heard that Matt was in there and wanted him out.  
When I was reading it I had a lot of questions, like: Why were they treating him so poorly because he was a clone?
When was Celia going to find matt and get him out of the prison? Etc...
When it got to the chapter where Matt chose a bodyguard he chose the guy that looks the most friendly, Tam lin. I think he chose the right person because he is very kind, nice, caring, and he is very understanding. I would think he is a very trustworthy and he gives good advice. Those or most of my thoughts for today. Thank you for reading it!! 

Friday, 10 February 2017

House of Scorpion- New Novel Study #1.

In our class we have started a new novel study, we are reading the book House of Scorpion. It is an individual task to read it, but we can only read a certain amount of chapters. I think it will be a good book because so far I have only read the back and it seems like it will be an interesting book. I'm excited because we will be doing a lot of interactions with the book. We aren't just reading it and making just one blog post we are doing numerous things with the book, which I think sounds really fun. Ms. Groller even made a timeline and a reading schedule for us because we are reading as a class but still individually and she doesn't want anyone going ahead. She also wants us to put sticky notes in, she wants us talking about the text. That is a good idea because we at least read 50 or less each time and we might forget something important so we write it down and if we are doing a blog post we have sticky notes to look back on. But I am nervous about how many blog post we have to do because I don't want to get behind on them and have to do like 2-3 in one long weekend. I am basically just nervous about getting behind on the work and the reading. It will be a good book to get us thinking and to get us digging deeper with our knowledge, understanding topics more finding out how much we know etc... I think we will really understand more about inquiry after this project.